Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

An epic and innovative game in a stagnating genre


  • Original features that improve the MMO genre
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Dynamic events
  • Great story


  • Some problems with lag


Guild Wars 2 is one of the most anticipated game sequels of the year. The biggest questions about this MMORPG are: is it better than the first? will it be a real MMORPG?, and will it still be free online once purchased? The answer to all three is 'yes', and regarding being better than Guild Wars, we can happily report it is much better.

You begin your quest by choosing a race, from Sylvari, Norn, Asura and Charr. Like Star Wars The Old Republic, these choices are not just aesthetic, since your choice will affect much of the subsequent story too. The professions (classes), are the same as in Guild Wars, and offer the same variety, but they are much more tactical than before.

Guild Wars 2 stands out as being a challenging MMORPG. It's not as easy to climb the XP ladder as players are used to in World of Warcraft or The Old Republic. It takes time and skill to grow your character, and a great part of this is how Guild Wars 2 has removed the repetitive 'grind' missions that litter so many similar games. Missions in Guild Wars 2 make sense for the overall story, so you won't have to go and hunt 100 boars in the search for experience points.

Another innovation is how you can play together. No planning is needed - you can simply join in a battle or event as you see it. Early on you'll see how much more social Guild Wars 2 is, and how much more of the game you spend playing with other players.

Technically, Guild Wars 2 is excellent. The graphics and sound are fantastic throughout, although you'll need a powerful PC to get the most out of them.

Guild Wars 2 is an excellent MMORPG. It makes great innovations in the genre, which make it really accessible and fun to play. The story is great too, and really motivates you to keep playing. Finally we have a game that shakes off the traditions of World of Warcraft, and moves online fantasy role play forward. Essential.

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Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2

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